New Year, Now What? What Each Communication Pro Should Do Before The New Year

As the year is quickly coming to an end (yay!), now is the perfect time to reflect on everything you accomplished (or didn’t) this year. What was your biggest lesson? What challenges did you face in your career? Did you make any valuable contacts? How could you have pitched that client differently?

Although we love to bathe ourselves in accomplishments, analyzing what we did wrong will make for a great 2017. [Check out this book I’m reading about learned lessons in the workplace] Here are a few action items to consider before the new year.

  • Send a quick thank-you note to anyone who made a positive impact on your year.

Met someone at a networking event that inspired you? Got a new job and your old supervisor showed support through the transitioning process? Write a quick handwritten thank-you note explaining your gratitude for their support. After all, we seem to forget that no one owes us anything. If someone goes out of their way for you, go out of your way for them. Thanking them and staying in touch keeps a valuable connection in your back pocket! 

  • Revamp your personal brand. 

Take a look at each of your social media profiles and evaluate your personal brand. Is it communicating your message effectively? Did you keep up with maintaining each platform? If not, figure out a time management schedule for the New Year where you “check in” and do updates as needed. Show your expertise on your social profiles and participate in events, like Twitter chats, to connect with like-minded professionals! Also, make sure your profiles are a true reflection of YOU. There’s nothing better than a professional with a great personality!  

  • Evaluate social commitments. 

If you’ve joined 5 organizations and have only seen 2 as beneficial then it's time to evaluate your commitment. Yes, those social mixers may be fun, but think of the time you could put into activities like personal projects. Also, seek out organizations and groups that you didn’t give a chance this year. Attend an event or informational. You may be surprised! Plus: Most organizations have a fee for membership. Be financially conscious when considering rejoining!

  • Organize your personal files. (Digital and Physical)

Now is a great time to get all your paperwork organized (tax season is around the corner!) Also, I make an effort to clean up my MacBook. I sort through my desktop icons and I organize all my folders. Delete any old files and strategically place all your files where they should be. When your spaces are clear your mind will follow.

When your spaces are clear your mind will follow.
  • Write a ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ list.

This is my personal favorite. Pull out your favorite journal and mark one page yes and another page no. This is basically housekeeping for your entire year. What worked and WHY did it work? What didn’t work and WHY didn’t it work? If it didn’t work, what can you do to make it work next year? There’s no better feeling than physically seeing it written and preparing for growth.

Now it's time to enjoy a few glasses of champagne in the company of some great folks. See you in the New Year 🎉

Alisa PattinComment