4 Ways Being An Introvert Benefits Your PR Career

I’ve always been an introvert. Since I can remember, it has been a part of who I am. In college I pursued a major in Journalism + PR. I wanted to stay true to who I am but still kick ass as a PR girl. There are plenty of folks who want to pursue communications but aren’t as extroverted as others. Here are four skills you may possess as an introvert that'll help you kill it in PR. 

1. You love working behind-the-scenes. You don’t mind stepping out of the spotlight to get the job done. Working on seating charts or assisting talent backstage excites you. You are the foundation of the team and you make sure everything on the back end is handled! 


2. Researching excites you. When a problem is presented to you, you don’t mind cozying up behind a computer screen to find answers. You are determined to have research completed and guidelines in order before jumping into a project. If your boss ask, “What did the competitors post on social media today?”, you already know the answer!  

3. You communicate strategically. Whether it’s a conference, networking event, or work meeting, you communicate strategically. You set goals on who you want to connect with and what you want to say. You get nervous saying whatever comes off the top of your head, so you plan accordingly. 

4. You're attentive. You’re able to sit back and notice the behaviors of others, especially your target audience. You’re the quiet one, so you catch what is said/done when no one is paying attention. You use your memory to collect details which can make it easier to develop friendships and network. 

Pursuing a career in communications as an introvert can be tricky. No doubt the more experiences you have, the more likely you will come out of your shell. What other skills do you have as a shy or introverted person that has benefitted your communications career? Share below! 

Credit: Giphy + Unsplash